Dossier Lippens

Lippens aleen vernoemd?


How come the lippens are mentioned, and how nobody in the justice department deems it necessary to look into their activities. ? 

The conspiracy theory?   As long as the state does not want to investigate certain facts, proofs etc.... all evidence can be related to a theory. And whereas in mathematicks theories are accepted , in investigation cases this is not the case. 


So its up to the state to investigate. Why they dont do it, well, look a the list of names and you will understand.  Look for Maurice Lippens and check out what theories he followed. Quite intresting if you want to mesure the brothers caracter. For those who live in Knokke and know the other brother Leopold, you know how he is? Open your eyes.

One thing however: During the last months we had a financial crisis on our hands. It started with 2 banks. In Europe we had the fortis. Count for yourself how manu CEOs were involved to start this crisis. 

In the case of Forts it was the sole responsability of a certain Count Maurice Lippens, who through his arrogance was the final decision maker. And then, lets not forget what a certain  so called crazy JP van Rossem always said. According to this stock market gourou theworld finances were controled by maybe a max imum of 100 people. Could he be right?